Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

Ballet concert Dress Rehearsal today. The girls are always so excited to get to not only try on all their outfits but also see all the others. Ruth had been asking about getting her hair done and we got the front section done today which was great. It just makes it look that bit neater.

A nice group photo with everyone in their first outfits (mostly cats).
Ruth's cat dance. It was a good thing they had the full dress rehearsal - especially with those ears. The first time Ruth "cleaned" her ears she knocked them right off.
This photo was taken by another mother at the dress rehearsal and e-mailed through. I have a few from here. I think they were just taken on a phone - so the quality is not that great. We also missed getting one of Rachel's cat dance (thankfully we got one on the concert day).
Ruth's elf dance. Unfortunately by the time I took my photo some of the girls were looking away. They all looked so very cute.
Some more of the elves. Such cute outfits.
Rachel's snowflake dance.
Some more of my beautiful snowflake.

Ruth's "Musical Box Doll" dance outfit. So beautiful.

Sitting waiting for her turn.
What a beautiful ballerina. And having to concentrate so hard to turn around on that small little "box". Ruth was the only younger girl to have a "solo". Three of the oldest girls had solo parts - so this was a real highlight for Rachel - that Ruth had a solo. And what made it extra special was that Rachel did the choreography for it.
Rachel had a bit of a "solo" - just not with dancing. At the end of the first half she played her Christmas medley on her violin to introduce the Christmas theme to the 2nd half. (I put the photo in the wrong place - she played before the elves.)
Rachel's solider dance. Un-
fortunately my camera's batteries were flat (I still have to get used to not having AA ones so that I have a backup). So I did not manage to get a photo of them myself. I would have made sure I could see Rachel properly on the left there. I am glad I at least got this copy though. I am also glad the battery went flat today and not on Saturday night.
More of the soldiers. Rachel loved the fact that Tessa and her did this dance with the older girls (2 years ahead of her group).
So it was a great dress rehearsal and the girls are just so excited about the concert on Saturday.

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