Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fireworks fun

It was lovely to have Grace join us for the evening out. Sara also joined us for dinner so we could give her a ride as well (she came home with Holly who met us there later).
I put this one in as well so that Hannah can be seen. We had a lovely fish and chips dinner and got to the Waiau fireworks nice and early so that we had a lovely spot.
They had the clown there again this year and again he made balloon things for the children. Hezekiah loved his sword.
Trying to get one of the three of them but as you can see - there was far too much around distracting them (only Brendon is looking at the camera). Ruth got an elephant and Hannah got a snake. It's always so much fun watching him make them.
It was great watching this juggler. Hezekiah was especially fascinated.
A group of teenagers had organized a fun activity for the younger children. Here Hannah and Ruth are getting instructions on where to go and what to do.
They timed each child and recorded their age. I think Hannah was the only 4 year old who even attempted it and so she got a prize later for being the fastest 4 year old. :-)
During this time Rachel and Grace walked around handing out bible tracts that had Halloween as the theme. They handed out quite a few and even had some children coming back and asking if they had different ones. We do pray that the Lord would use these to work in someone's heart - to show them the truth of the gospel and their need for Jesus Christ.
As it started to get dark we got ourselves all warm and ready.
We will need more camping chairs next year.
The fireworks were not starting yet though and so we all headed over when they called to watch this "fire act". I wonder if he was told to not play with fire when he was a child? :-)
Then back to our seats and a little bit more of a wait.
The girls had brought their money with to buy some things tonight. These light sticks are a favourite and Hezekiah got to play with one for a bit.
I have such lovely memories of watching fireworks as a child. I am so glad our children got to make some special memories tonight as well.
The display was really great. The baby in my tummy could hear it all too as I got lots of movements.
And then some video clips of the fun.

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