Sunday, November 25, 2012

A visit to the pigs

It was lovely to have friends from town come out for a visit this afternoon. We took them over to the pig farm to have a look. The first time Hezekiah was here I did not have my camera with - so I made sure I got some photos with him and the pigs today.
Katrina getting a little bit closer for a photo of the small piglets with the foster sows. On weaning day on Thursday the smallest pigs are kept aside and put with sows who still have a lot of milk - to give them an extra week of good feeding to help them catch up. Hezekiah wanted to be with Dad and get a bit closer too.
And even getting to have a walk around with these piglets. Unfortunately he moved too quickly. Pigs are normally quite inquisitive and so if you stay still they will even come right up to you. It's not going to happen with this busy little boy though.
Off he goes to try and get a little closer.
I just love the pigs that are different colours. There are often lovely brown ones that look like puppies when they are young - but these ones are even more unique.
They really do stand out and just drew my attention so much. I thought about how similar this is for Ruth living in New Zealand. She looks different to the majority of people around her and because of this she stands out and people are attracted to her. The other children may even go un-noticed where very regularly there will be comment something like "oh I just love your hair". I think Ruth has gotten quite used to it by now.

Then we headed over to the bigger pigs. They are generally happy to come over for a scratch.

Hezekiah enjoyed a little bit of time riding on Dad's lap.
After BBQ pork chops for dinner Ruth asked if we could sing a bit. So the guitar and song books came out and we had a lovely time.
Ruth knew that at church camp Katrina had played flute and Mark had played guitar. Mark explained that it was a base guitar though - so he would not be able to play on mine.

A nice photo with the children before the younger ones headed off for bed. We look forward to their next visit.

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