Monday, August 27, 2012

August catch up - Part 2

Wed 22nd - Hezekiah loves being outside. Getting really stable on his feet now too.
It's always fun when new Correspondence school items arrive. With a huge box of extra wooden blocks to play with it was fun to see what the girls got up to. Here Hezekiah's bugs all got put on top of different towers. Not sure what the game was - but they had fun.

I had my first experience with grocery on-line shopping this week. The boxes were dropped off at my back door before 8am. It was so nice to be able to just unpack. Normally when we do shopping in town we combine the trip with other things and so are generally pretty tired when we get home. Unfortunately with us being the distance we are from town they do not deliver any perishable items - but it was still a huge blessing. It cost me less in delivery charges than it would have cost in petrol for a trip to town - so I can see this happening every couple of months.
Thursday 23rd - Rachel has been getting to ride Charlie a lot more recently. She still rides Auto but as he is getting old now it's nice for her to have a younger horse and a different experience to learn from.
On Friday afternoon and evening Ruth suddenly developed a temperature and was complaining of a terrible headache. When she got up or moved around at all it got a lot worse. We had our Friday discipleship group in the evening and she spent most of the time just lying on my lap - with me using a damp cloth to try cool her down a bit. She was not up to eating but I could still get a lot of our great supplements into her - so at least I knew she was getting a lot of goodness in. I thanked the Lord that her temperature was already down a bit by the time she went to bed and by the morning she was completely over it - whatever it was.
Saturday morning saw me not feeling great. I thought I might have just had a stiff neck from sleeping on it wrong or something. So I took it easy. After getting dinner in the slow cooker I had a few hours sleep. We had the Scotts arrive in the afternoon and Rachel was able to bring Charlie down for some rides. Ruth was so pleased as she has been wanting to have a ride on Charlie for so long.
Hannah - as usual - had so much fun with Jonathan.
She had a few extra "rides". She has not quite gotten the hang of making funny faces for the camera. Jonathan is doing his best to teach her though. :-)

Rachel and Rebecca get along so well and are excited about church camp that is coming up.
Hezekiah got to enjoy the horse too.
Once they left I started to go down hill unfortunately. I had a bad headache and my neck was really sore again. The night was absolutely horrible as my neck and head got so sore that I could just not sleep. We had nothing stronger in the house that was safe for me to take to help with either the headache or the terrible muscle pain and so by the morning I was desperate for some help. After chatting to a lady on the Health line she suggested I get to a doctor. The Amberley medical centre have a clinic on Sundays and so we headed down there once they were open at 11. The doc said he suspected I may have had a viral meningitis with the type of headache and muscle pain I was experiencing. Thankfully the hot and cold that I had through the night had stopped and my temperature was normal. With no vomiting or high temp he was happy to give me some stronger pain killers (that were safe for baby) and send me home. He even booked Brendon off for Monday so that I could rest and get over it fully. The pain killers were great as they allowed me to really rest on Sunday afternoon and I took again before going to bed and I think having a good night's sleep was exactly what my body needed. Brendon did take the Monday off so that I could fully rest. It made a big difference even the fact that I did not have to once pick Hezekiah up and could give my muscles the full rest they needed. Thankfully I did not need pain killers again and by Monday evening I was feeling 100% again. So it was short lived - but it was incredibly painful. Saturday night must have been one of the worst nights I have ever experienced. So Ruth and I both had a hard weekend - but I thank the Lord we both recovered so very quickly.

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