Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day after the snow

Ice on the INSIDE of the sliding door.
The frame was even frozen.
7:45am: From 5 till 7 yesterday so much snow fell. It is just beautiful to see it all here this morning.
The neighbours hedge "looks like a cake with a lovely big layer of icing on top" - Rachel.
That early morning blue tinge.
And that same tree from last night. What a beauty.
The raised vegetable beds are now longer visible.
Back garden again with that lovely blue sky starting to make it's appearance already.
And I had shaken all the snow off the garbage lid yesterday afternoon. So it gives you a good idea how much fell in the afternoon and evening.
We must have gotten 20 - 25 cm. Friends in the mountains got over 40cm.
Out the back of the house.
Slowly starting to drop off.
I had the slow cooker on last night with a chicken soup - so with that extra moisture in the kitchen this is what the window was like in the morning.
What a different sunrise to watch this morning. Earlier the sky was clear but a fog came up to give us a magnificent sun rise.
We learnt NOT to leave boots outside. The moisture on the outside had frozen and the boots where even frozen to the deck.
These trees just look so lovely.
And then the magnificent blue sky as the background. I love these days after a snow fall. Just stunning. A freezing cold day though starting out at -13.
Thanks Nana for the lovely warm jerseys you knitted. Getting ready to venture out into the cold.
Bundled up and ready for fun.
Hezekiah in with them just for the photo but he was not happy when I brought him in so I got us dressed warmly and we headed out to take some photos.
A realy winter wonderland. Just lovely.
You can tell I just LOVE that big blue sky.
Brendon sent me a text to say "take the children for a drive - it's wonderful". I was nervous driving in the snow for the first time but decided it was worth the outing.
Driving very slowly down high street and just enjoying the beauty of Hawarden - covered in snow.
I had something that I needed to get to a lady in Waikari - so we decided to take a drive there. It was lovely to get to see the countryside.  Each spot so different and so beautiful.  Even at 10:30 it was only -5.
The girls had the idea of building an igloo. You can see the shape of it there - but I think it was just too cold out to get more done on it.
Great to get the roads cleared later in the day. I do feel for the horses out in weather like this. But they had their warm blankets on and Auto was in the stables as he is too old to be out in the snow too much.
4:15 and still almost nothing has melted today. Such a cold day and so much snow.
We had waited for Brendon to get off work to head over to friend for an attempt at sledding. It was just way too thick though and you can see Charlotte came a cropper and was full of snow.
Their drum was more successful but just not the right snow for it. Earlier their family had gone up onto the top of their farm with a big sheet of heavy board and that had worked wonderfully. I wish we had just headed up earlier to join them. Although is sounds like we might be getting more snow this winter - so perhaps the girls will get another try in this year still.
Have a little slide on the path where the snow was packed down a bit. Even after the whole day of sun it was still so fluffy and light.
We were glad their farm was a bit higher and out of the fog. Hawarden (to the left of this shot) was solidly covered in fog - it really felt like you were in the clouds.
So even though the sledding was not wonderfully successful - it sure was beautiful.

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chinook said...

These are awesome photos Belinda :-), just beautiful, it was prettier round your place than out in Medbury!