Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teeth week

It was lovely to have Alby and Amanda join us for dinner on Monday night. Monday seems to be the best night for me to have people over and so we finally managed to book a Monday with them. They looked after our house and cats while we were in SA in Feb and even blessed us with milk and bread when we got home. So thoughtful. So it was nice to finally get them over. It was great for the children to get to know them a bit more and for me to meet and get to know Amanda. We had a great time chatting. When I wanted to take a photo with them and the children for our guest book she said "as long as it does not go viral" - so no photo on here - just one for our book. :-)
The girls continue to do their ballet practices every day. I love watching how Ruth will stand behind Rachel when she is busy with her grade 4 work and copies as she goes.
She has gotten really good at a few of the exercises and even knows some of the fancy names already. Only a week till their exam. I am sure they will both do well (and I will be glad when it's finally over and life can settle down to "normal" again).
Ruth was really close to finishing the Primer book for Math-U-See and so she did 5 lessons the one day and 5 more the next as she "knew that she would get a present when she was finished." She got the next DVD in this Character Builders Set and she was very pleased.
It was so cold on Wednesday morning when I went to the garage freezer to get meat out for dinner that I decided I did NOT want to stand outside hanging up the washing. So I put it on the clothes horses and quickly took those outside onto the deck. It was beautifully sunny - so nice to have the clothes out. I really am a wimp when it comes to the cold though and really enjoy my nice warm house. :-)
Unfortunately one of Brendon's cello strings just "unwound" last week (I can't say snapped as it did not actually break). On Thursday the new strings I had ordered arrived so I could get that set up again for him.
Ruth has got a VERY wiggly tooth and it just does not want to come out. We don't normally have fizzy drinks but it's a special treat for the children when a tooth comes out - having something cold to drink helps stop any blood (and the sweetness helps them get distracted if there is any pain). So Ruth's juice is in the fridge - just waiting for it to come out. Rachel also has a loose tooth - so we are wondering which will come out first.
On Thursday the builder got his men to take the temporary doors down first thing in the morning as he said the door people would be there after lunch. Apparently the man forgot something in town (and only realized when he was almost at our place) and so had to head back. So he only arrived here at 3pm. By 6:30 it was pitch black outside but he was finally done. It's wonderful to be able to finally park the cars in the garage.

On Friday morning Hannah came through to me and said "Mum - come look at the clouds - they are beautiful" and they sure were.
I managed to get a photo of Hezekiah's two bottom teeth. Not the best photo but when I tried to use a flash he just ends up closing his eyes.
On Saturday I took Hannah to the Tearooms and enjoys a scone and hot chocolate with her. She had a fluffy first and then I just topped up her little espresso mug with hot chocolate. When we got home it was not even above 4 degrees. What a COLD day. You can guess how much I enjoyed that hot chocolate.
Ruth even tried to use pliers to pull her tooth out on Saturday but it was still just too sore.
On Sunday we noticed Hezekiah has two (or three) top teeth getting ready to come out.

At least he is not too miserable with them.

By Sunday night that wiggly tooth had still not managed to loosen on that last little bit. It is really frustrating Ruth and I can understand why. There is a big piece of flesh still holding it on - but it is really in the way now.

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