Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend changes

We have started a new tradition in our family. Each weekend either Brendon or I will take one of the children (at the moment that would be one of the girls) out for a special treat. As Brendon had errands to do last weekend he ended up taking Rachel and then Ruth. So this week it was Hannah's turn to come with me. We went to the Rocking Frog and Hannah had her first fluffy (a fluffy milk with chocolate sprinkles). I can see many wonderful memories being formed in the months and years to come.
While we were out Brendon got this lovely photo of Hezekiah having a bike ride with Ruth. What a stunning photo and what wonderful friends these two will be.
On Sunday we had bible study in the afternoon again. This was a nice shot of Steve with Hezekiah. We will be looking at changing our bible study to a Thursday evening at some point and hopefully that will be easier for some more local families to join us.

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