Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Then and Now

I had some fun a few months ago doing some "then and now" comparisons. I just did a 6 month comparison and remembered I had not put any of the photos on here (just on face book). So for those who are not on fb (and for my children when they look through the blog) - here they are.
Brendon with a new born Rachel and 10 1/2 years late with a new born Hezekiah.
Just minutes after birth. Hannah and Hezekiah.
Ruth getting her first cuddle - less than 12 hours old. Hannah (Ruth almost 2). Hezekiah (Ruth 5).
Hannah 10 days, Hezekiah 26 days.
Hannah - 2 months. Hezekiah - 1 month - and heavier and taller. 

6 months. Rachel, Hannah and Hezekiah.
3 year birthday - Rachel and Hannah.

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Mary said...

Love it! Your children look so similar, yet have their own unique personalities shining through. :)