Friday, April 27, 2012

Bounce and ride

Rachel has learnt how to do french braids and I was so impressed with how she has done Ruth's hair. It looks great Rachel and Ruth. I can see this happening a lot in the future. How special to have a sister to help out with different "hair dos".
I got this photo on Tuesday of them having fun outside. I love how Hezekiah is happy to sit and watch them playing. He just loves being outside and it's great when there is that lovely sun to warm things up a bit.
Once Dad got home we headed out to the trampoline. Hezekiah just LOVES bouncing.
The girls have really been enjoying playing with the Autumn leaves this week. At least they are helping Dad rake them up too.
Hezekiah gets to be a part of their games too.
We were blessed with the gift of this jolly jumper this week and Hezekiah immediately worked out how much fun he could have. This will definitely help Brendon and my arms from getting so sore. He is a heavy little guy - so this is much easier than holding him while he jumps.
The girls were THRILLED that Noortje could join us for dinner this evening. She had been away for 10 days and every time we walked past her house Ruth would ask when she was coming for dinner. Noortje had us over for a meal within the first week of us moving in here - so we all felt it was well over due. :-)
Off to the toy library this morning again. I was so pleased to see they had one of these push bikes. This was Hannah's first go on it - so I am sure that within a couple of days she will be balancing wonderfully. The trainer wheels on her bike are really bad and so it will be great for her to be able to ride without them soon.
I also found this set which I can see she is going to have loads of fun with too. I was too slow to get her connecting with the ball.

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