Friday, March 9, 2012

Play and ride

Friday saw a much colder start to the day. With all this moisture on the window it was time to get that de-humidifier out again - winter is on it's way.
The girls were so pleased to get back to play centre. They enjoyed doing some baking this morning.
Thankfully after 3 nights back home Hezekiah has adjusted and does not want to be awake at 2am any more. He seems to have gotten stuck on Sydney time though and is up just a little too early for my liking. I am sure it will all settle soon though. It was great to only have a couple of days of Brendon at work and then weekend.
While the younger girls were at play centre Rachel was down with Auto again. The play centre is down our road - just before the horse - so I could pop out from play centre a couple of times and get a few of photos of Rachel.
And the good thing is that it's not just a riding lesson where you arrive, ride and then leave. She starts off having to brush him down and clean out his hooves ect and then saddle him up herself too. Christine is really impressed with how quickly Rachel is learning.
While we were at play centre Ruth spotted Rachel passing with Auto on the road so we quickly headed over to get a photo. Christine is starting Rachel off slowly and assessing her abilities. So when they went out today she had Auto on a lead rope. I am so thankful for Christine's wonderful experience (having ridden herself since she was a teenager and teaching her own daughter from before she was even 11).
And then a little later I popped over to watch her on the lunge rope for a bit. Rachel is just so excited to already be trotting and even doing a little bit of cantering. She has only been riding for 3 days.
And Friday also meant the Toy Library. I got this lovely play area for Hezekiah. At $1 a week it is a great deal and I can see he will be having loads of fun in it. It is also going to be great for strengthening his legs and straitening them. They are a bit bowed from the knee down but Liz assured us that with the wait of standing the bones will correct. So it's not only fun - it's good for him too.

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