Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hawarden Show

Hawarden Show day today - a day the girls have ALL been looking forward too. When we arrived there was a sheep shearing competition on the go - so we watched that for a little while. Rachel had actually come up early this morning with Christine and enjoyed a lot of the equestrian events and walking around with her. As Brendon was working this morning we only arrived and met up with Rachel after lunch.
The biggest excitement for the younger girls was going on the Ferris wheel. This was Hannah's first time. Brendon was obliged to go on with her (neither of us actually enjoy going on). The worst part for Brendon was that quarter from the top - as you come down - with nothing in front of you. Hannah obviously also felt the section was different and he said she shook every time. She thoroughly enjoyed it though and will look forward to going next year.
The younger girls had not saved up too much pocket money for the day - but did have enough (with a little help from Dad) to go on the merry-go-round as well. Ruth had actually bought a candy-floss with her last bit of money and was happy to share it with everyone (so we gave her the money to go on this ride with Hannah).
Rachel however has been saving up the whole year for this day. Every time she gets pocket money she puts a portion of it away as savings. So she had more than enough money to choose exactly what she wanted to do. Her "big" expense was going on these fun balls. It costs $10 - so the younger girls know they really have to save up if they want to go on next year. They zip you in and then blow air into it. Rachel had loads of fun but it was hot and exhausting too.

We also enjoyed some of the horse jumping and the grand parade. All in all a lovely family outing.

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