Saturday, February 11, 2012

A sporty morning

Ruth, Nicole and Hannah have really got along so very nicely. Here they are with Nicole's little computer game thing.
They were all excited about seeing this frog this morning. We haven't gotten to see any frogs in our time in NZ.
Unfortunately Brendon got a terrible headache this morning from a muscle spasm in his neck / shoulder. Graham gave him a couple of deep massages but he was in so much pain that he spent most of the day in bed sleeping. Thankfully there was enough to keep the girls busy. I snuck out and got a few photos of them all playing mini-golf. They also played table tennis and tennis.
Even though there were quite a few players they went through as one group as there was no one else on the course and they could take their time.
Mini-golf is always a great holiday activity.
Brendon was so nauseous with the headache that he could not eat anything for lunch. He tried to nibble on a few different things but everything just made him feel worse.
At around 2pm I headed over to the pool to take a few photos. I was pleased to see Rachel attempt the slide from a lower point. Her goal is to work her way up.
By 3 Brendon had forced himself to get up and have a shower. He did not want the wedding to be postponed on his account. I was called to the pools so I could take a photo of Rachel - going from the top. Well done Rachel. After this she spent hours on the slide with Matthew.
Hezekiah was needing to sleep but was not settling on his own so he spent some time with Craig so that I could take some photos of Aleks getting ready (as well as make sure the girls got ready too). The wedding was planned for 4:30 and it was lovely. I will leave all the wedding photos for a post on their own. Brendon got a lift down (even though it was only 100m away) as he was feeling quite shaky still. Thankfully as the service started he started to feel better and although he was still not eating afterwards he did feel so much better. Craig made him a glass of flat coke after the wedding and with nibbling on the popcorn that Craig had made Brendon's nausea finally cleared and he was able to join us in enjoying a late dinner.

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