Saturday, February 25, 2012

Special friends

The girls had been practicing a dance that they had made up with the hoola hoops – so we had a bit of a concert this morning.
I suggested the girls do a scene from their Cinderella performance and so we ended up getting about 3 or 4 scenes from that too. Thankfully Debbie and Liz were a willing audience. Liz takes even more photos than I do. :-)
Then time to prop up the cameras and get a few group shots.
At 12 we headed off for a lunch date with Theo and Hanlie. It was such a blessing to just pick up our friendship with them after so many years. It’s been ages since I have had sole – so I really enjoyed that while Brendon enjoyed an avo topped steak. What a treat. Thank you so much.
Hezekiah enjoyed time under the trees while we ate. What a good boy.
Then we headed over to Theo and Hanlie’s home for the afternoon and evening (Debbie joining us later in the afternoon). Hezekiah enjoyed the water as did the girls (Brendon got in just for Hezekiah’s sake).
And then the girls had some fun with Theo. A nice action shot this one.
The girls also got to watch some TV. A nice calming activity after all the excitement and running around today.
Theo and Hanlie were like grandparents to Rachel through all the girls that we stayed in Polokwane – so it was just such a blessing to get to spend this time with them. They are very special to us and it was a teary goodbye as it was almost 5 years ago.

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