Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Out and about

Nana made "Brown bear porridge" for the girls this morning. It was called Maltabela when Brendon was growing up but is now Mabela and is not as smooth as what they remember. Brendon, Hannah and I enjoyed it but Ruth and Rachel struggled a bit through their bowls. I think it's just because it's different.

Nana had bought these puppets for the girls to make and they got them finished this morning.
Once Hezekiah had finished his nap we headed off to my parents for a visit. Hezekiah was fascinated with the paper coming out of the printing machine.
Hannah so enjoys spending time with my Dad. It's so nice that their relationship is being made so strong in such a short time already. My Dad popped out to get rolls for lunch and Hannah went with and told him about all the things she liked. So he came home with capsicum and carrots (she did not spot any celery but my Dad also loves celery).
The kitchen has always been a place to spend time with my Dad. :-) It was nice that Michelle was here this morning too and so Hannah got to know her a bit more too. Michelle has told Hannah that she will teach her to swim this weekend.
And Dad had litchis and paw paw for us all to eat today.
Michelle even brought out the barbies for the girls to play with. I even recognise some of the clothes from when I was a little girl. And yes - they swam again today.
I did not get any photos of the dogs on Saturday but they both love Hezekiah and he seems to really like them too. He does not mind when they come right up and smell him - even in the face. They thankfully don't mind when he gets a handful of their hair either.

I took this video of Rachel getting the hang of Graham's "game". It's not as easy as it looks. You get the small rings spinning on the big ring and then get that moving around. Rachel wants me to get a video of Graham with it - turning it around and throwing it up.
Aleks gave me a wonderful back rub after lunch. I have really been struggling with this cold and last night felt horrible. My ear has been blocked and I have a swollen gland in my neck. The headache that I have had has been horrible too. Thankfully the tissue salts helped with the post nasal drip and sore throat but I was feeling horrid last night. Thankfully my facebook friends did not disappoint and not only did I get lots of prayer but also a suggestion of something natural that I could take to help (as the pharmacy said there was nothing they could give me because of breastfeeding). So we got the natural meds on the way to my parents this morning and already felt so much better by lunch time. The massage was lovely to get rid of some of that built up muscle tension though - and it was also a great time to chat with Aleks.
Then we headed over to Gillian to get to see the lovely things she has done around her home. The girls enjoyed watching George have a swim. Ruth was excited about telling Nana about seeing him doing "doggy paddle".
I am also pleased to let you know that Hezekiah did not spend any time awake through the night last night. So that is helping me tremendously. I am so glad he has settled into the new time zone so quickly. He was tired when we took this photo though - so no smile unfortunately.

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