Sunday, February 12, 2012

More memories made

When Graham and Aleks got back from the Elephant Sanctuary they were able to get a photo of the zebra that we saw when we arrived. Thankfully the girls got to see them too later in the day when we headed over to the local craft market. Unfortunately the car needed to be push started and then the drivers window would not go up - so it was an eventful morning for us.

Graham and Aleks stopped past the craft stalls on their way back and bought us this beautiful "family" to say "thank you". What a special gift. We will always remember them and our SA trip when we look at it. Hannah loves it and keeps touching each "person" and naming each family member. :-)

While the children waited for lunch Graham kept them busy with a few games of Uno.
It was lovely to have my Dad make stir fry for lunch as it was a family Sunday lunch tradition for many years when I was growing up and it brings back such special memories.
My Dad also had prickly pears with this weekend which Ruth enjoyed trying (and I enjoyed as another special memory from my childhood).
Hannah has made good friends with Graham this weekend. It was fun to watch them laughing and playing together.
After lunch it was off to the pools again. Hezekiah enjoyed his kicking practice.
Michelle's boyfriend Michael played so nicely the younger children too. Whenever he was in the pool he had at least one of them hanging on him.
Ruth is trying really hard to work out this swimming thing. Michelle and Brendon spent some time encouraging her today with it.
It was not all work for Ruth though. She even started going down on the slide on her own - right from the top. She just made sure there was someone at the bottom to catch her.
And it was great to see Hannah being more courageous in the water and jumping to Dad. What a HUGE jump too.
My Dad was heading back home late afternoon for work tomorrow (along with Lisa and her children for work and school) but the request was put in for pancakes before he left (another Sunday evening tradition). So it was nice that the girls got to enjoy that. Matthew must have thought Hannah was quite strange in the way she ended up eating hers. :-)
My Dad made the mixture and left the cooking up to Michael. So he really is fitting in quite nicely.
After pancakes and goodbyes Graham, Aleks and our family headed down to the trampoline.

While we were out we spotted this beautiful kingfisher. It's been nice having Graham with to help spot different birds and tell us what they are.
Then we enjoyed a game of chess. Eventually I was playing for both sides - helping whoever I could to try and get a winner as Hezekiah was needing a nap. It was a fun game and I think good that it ended up being a quick one and not too drawn out. I wonder if we have wet Rachel's appetite to play? It was her first game.
The girls started asking what was for dinner - so we realized the pancakes really were just "afternoon tea" for them. So we decided to make Tachos - the one meal that had been planned but not made.
While the girls waited they spent some time drawing with Aleks.
And after dinner we enjoyed a game of Trominoes. Thanks for introducing it to us Graham - it was a lot of fun.

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