Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rub and roll

Ruth was excited about getting to build the butterfly that she got as a gift on Tuesday. She patiently pushed out all the pieces and then sanded the edges carefully. The plan is to paint it at play centre on Friday as we suspect there will not be many people there.
Wednesday saw us down to the pool again. This time before dinner. It's great to get down regularly as Hannah is getting a lot more relaxed about being in the pool now.
Ruth jumping in again. This time remembering to hold her nose. Again the pool was really quiet which was lovely. There were only 2 others there.

We have gotten a few more plates finished for our Jesse Tree. Rachel's angles on Jacob's ladder. The girls had fun making Joseph's coat and then Rachel and Ruth made small bundles of grass to represent Joseph's dream of his brothers bowing down to him.
It's looking nice. The girls loved sticking all the pieces on for Moses' basket and I love that fact that it's nice and close to the ground and Hannah often looks at them and talks about the stories.

Everyone enjoyed watching Hezekiah try and roll over today.

Here is a little video clip of him managing to get his foot over.

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