Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ballet concert 2011

So much excitement for today with the Ballet concert this evening. Brendon had Hezekiah in the pouch so that I could get some things done at a quicker pace in the morning. We left just after lunch for the afternoon practice and then had our traditional MacDonalds dinner before getting back to the hall by 6:30. With the venue being over 45 minutes away it's not practical to head home in between.
It's always so exciting to get dressed and get makeup done.

Ruth with the Lullaby league girls.
Rachel was the barrister. She was a bit nervous about the wig at first - thinking it looked silly. But she soon got comfortable with the dramatic side of tonight's performance.
It's the first time the ballet school has put on a story for the whole production. It was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. I think there were a lot of men and younger children in the audience that enjoyed tonight's "story" far more than having to watch a lot of dancing that does not necessarily mean anything to them. Hannah certainly LOVED the performance. She has been "Wizard of Oz" mad over the last few months with all the practices.
It was nice that "Dorothy" was just behind the girls in this photo. The girls were so impressed with her costume. The lion, scarecrow and tin man were excellently done and I wish I had gotten a short video clip of their "We're off to see the Wizard" dance as they danced so well together and their costumes were really excellent.
When we left Ruth asked if we could go past the houses with the lights again. She remembered us coming to see this house on the way home last year. So we made a quick detour again and it was nice for Hannah to get to see it for the first time. We only got home at around 10pm - so it was a really long but lovely day.

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