Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long latent labour weekend

5:15am - finally day is coming after a long night
On Friday night I did not get much sleep. From the time I went to bed I was having contractions every 7 minutes. Eventually after an hour it was just too uncomfortable so I got up and they eased off. Back to bed and the contractions were back every 10 min.
Hannah was up by 6:30
Playing a memory game with Dad

Watching a movie.
Funny cat.
Again I got out of bed and within half an hour they had eased off and I tried to sleep again. Now 4am Saturday morning and they were back more intensely every 5 minutes. I could only cope in bed for half an hour with these and then had to get up.
Sat - 1 Oct - not long till I am
a mother of 4 and not just 3
This time they continued till 7 but were easier to deal with being up and I still managed to rest in between.
Once the family was up things quietened down for the day. I was so thankful that it was Saturday as I got to sleep a number of times through the day which helped tremendously.
Got some photos taken on Saturday as at some point this latent phase will move into active 1st stage and we will get to meet this little man - perhaps even on his due date.

Thank you cards that Rachel and I made.
She finished them off on Saturday.

Thankfully Saturday night was a lot better and I got to sleep well until around 2am. I spent the next hour very uncomfortable in bed with stronger contractions every 5 min. Spent 3-4am out of bed and they eased off again so I went back to bed. At 4:15 however my waters broke. Maureen arrived at 5:40 and checked on me and baby. I remember her saying "we are committed to birth now" and we were all thinking this little one would be arriving on his due date. Maureen got her birth kit set up and Brendon got the pool filled but contractions settled down again.
The BIRTH DAY cake Rachel made for her brother.
The 25 hours that followed my waters breaking were not easy emotionally - waiting and wondering and praying for wisdom. Thankfully a friend took the younger two girls for Sunday and they slept over there on Sunday night too. Maureen spent the whole morning with us and then visited a friend for a few hours after lunch. She was back for a check up around 5pm and we chatted about our "plan of action" for the next 12 hours. Brendon would check my temperature every 2 hours and he also decided to use Maureen's sonic aid to check baby's hear rate. We knew medically they don't like waiting more than 18 to 24 hours after waters break for active labour to start but we also knew that there was no infection and baby was fine. So we waited.

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