Sunday, October 16, 2011

2nd weekend

On Saturday Brendon was pleased to be able to get loads of work done in the garden again. He had already cleared out all these branches (mostly from the very overgrown and never pruned apple tree).
He had his trusty helper with him and they even managed to rope Hannah into helping for a while. I was impressed with the size of some of the branches she pulled away.
It was quite cold out and so I wrapped Hezekiah up and headed out to keep them company (and enjoy some fresh air). He fell asleep though so I left him inside with Rachel and got some gardening done too. It was lovely. Not only the fresh air and exercise but the fact that I could bend over so easily. :-)
The weather was a lot nicer on Sunday and so we could get a nice new family photo outside.
Another one with Hezekiah and I.
I must also note that Tiger is much happier now that Patches' cone is off. We had to laugh at him playing with her - with his tail.

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