Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spring with a sprinkle of snow

It was lovely and warm at the beginning of the week. The girls are thrilled to be able to wear some of their summer dresses. I had to laugh when I spotted Ruth from the upstairs window - making a blanket for Patches.
On Thursday we popped over to the school so that the Music teacher could tune the violins for us. We ended up coming home with two small guitars that she said we can borrow for a few weeks.

I don't know where Hannah learnt this - but she looks like she would do well with an electric guitar. Our real "wild one". I took this video on Saturday morning - she had us all laughing so. She insisted that Dad sing with her - so he tried to join in. It's hard when the songs lyrics are made up on the spot. :-)
Back to Friday though and the sprinkling of snow. We had heard that snow was expected overnight but with the warm weather we have been having we knew even if we did get snow it would not last long.
We woke to a beautiful blue sky and were surprised that there actually had been some snow overnight. My friend in the mountains got a good few centimeters - enough to make their whole lawn white again. It was not much of a cold snap though as the day was quite lovely.
We were pleased to find out that the dairy farmer down the road has started milking again (they stop for 3 months over winter). So we have fresh milk and cream in the fridge again.
Music and movement was well attended again and the added bonus for me was that two mothers said they had some maternity clothes that I could use. I am getting quite tired of the one pair of pants that fit and a number of my tops are just too tight. So this is a great blessing to me.
We got this train set from the toy library on Friday and as soon a the girls were up on Saturday they were busy with it. It's great to get a regular change of toys for them.
Another toy library item was a croquet set (and the double bike you see in this picture). The croquet set was all the motivation Brendon needed to give the grass a cut. The girls all helped but Ruth was incredible in how much she did. She is an amazing little helper.
The grass had not been that long but it was lovely to have a freshly cut lawn to play on. Brendon set up a course and then gave the girls a few lessons.
It did not take long for him to decide to just play with them though. It was a beautiful day and it was great that not only did Brendon get all the grass cut (and we do have a lot to cut) but also got to spend loads of time with the girls.
Another item on the girls agenda for Dad's Saturday was time on the tramp. Here they are bouncing him.
And then Dad and Hannah trying to "crack" the other two (get them to let go of their legs).
What a lovely day.

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