Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flower show and special spot

The girls have been so excited about going to the flower show today.

One of the reasons was to see how well they had each done in the colouring in competition. It's the first time Ruth will actually be "entered" as they only have winners from age 5. Well done Ruth for coming THIRD.
They were thrilled to get a ride in a donkey cart.

And Rachel managed to come FIRST in her age group. Well done Rachel.
This girls have found a new favourite playing spot - way down at the end of our drive. It's quite a walk for Hannah (700m) so they timed it on Saturday and Sunday morning so that they could get a lift home with Dad. They then also came up with this plan to play there after lunch on Sunday and have us just pick them up from there when we left for Bible study. This plan was fine. The only problem in the plan was that they had brought Patches all the way down with them too (you can see her to the left of Hannah). She normally walks with them for a while but turns back at some point. This time they picked her up when she got tired. When we got home we stopped and called for her but probably did not wait long enough. When we got to the house she was not there. Normally she jumps out in front of the garage as soon as we arrive - so I suspected she was still at the tree. My wonderful husband got back in the car and drove down to look for her. We were all very pleased when he arrived home with her.

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