Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthing pool set up and 37 weeks

Ruth and Hannah were so excited
about getting the things out
for the birthing pool.
Finally I checked Hannah's birth
photos and realized the poles
go on the OUTside.
Poor Rachel got sick on Friday night. She had stayed up to watch the Rugby opening ceremony and then headed off to bed. We watched the match and not long after we went to bed I heard her go to the toilet and then I heard her getting sick. She got sick a couple more times through the night and had diarrhea in the morning.
Adding some insulation
and a seat.
And liner over. We will put
the sterile liner on just
before we fill it up.
She spent the whole of Saturday in bed and thankfully only got sick once again in the afternoon. She nibbled on a few grapes and a plain biscuit but just could not eat much at all. What a day for her. She spent the day reading in bed or sleeping. At one point she came out to see our progress on the birthing pool but very quickly realized her tummy was a lot more comfortable staying quietly in bed.
On Sunday the girls had a Ballet Mini concert to show the Cecchetti work they have done since their IDTA exams in June. It was really sad for Rachel to miss the concert but having eating nothing on Saturday she definitely did not have the energy to dance. I think it's also best she stays out of contact with others for a full 48 hours. We don't want to spread those nasty germs around. I was really proud of her for how well she handled the disappointment.
It was nice for me to get to wear some of the fancy clothes I have been lent. Only 3 weeks till due date now but baby is considered "full term" and could arrive any day now.
Before Ruth and I left for the concert the younger girls enjoyed looking through Ruth's baby book. Rachel was also feeling well enough to be a bit more "up and about" so she sat reading in the lounge.
The teacher asked me to get the concert on video as she had no one else to do it. So although the quality is not great at least there is a record. Here is Ruth in her umbrella dance. She practiced really hard and did a great job. She went the correct direction every time - even at the end when she realized she had started wrong, she fixed it. Well done Ruth.

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