Friday, July 15, 2011

Nice surprise

Off to music and movement again this morning and the girls so enjoyed braking the ice (still solidly frozen at 10:30am).
There were lovely patterns formed inside the property too.
I was thinking that it was nice that I had my camera to get photos this morning and then we had a nice surprise.
As we drove past the hall we saw that the army were letting the school children have a climb around their vehicles.

I recognised one of the teachers and so decided to stop and ask if we could join them.
The girls were thrilled to be able to climb in and over all the different vehicles that were there and the soldiers were all so very friendly. I had to laugh when Ruth said "they aren't leaves - it's material". So it was great that they could get right up close.

So I was very glad I had a fancy little camera to take photos with. I don't take my camera out with me every day. So it's nice to get pictures (even if not the greatest quality) of the un-planned fun things the girls have gotten to do.

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