Friday, July 8, 2011

First soccer match

Well, I sure did suffer for my actions yesterday. I was clearly FAR too busy with all that sorting as my little boy obviously did not get enough time of me being more still for him to get his excercise in. Early this morning - between 2 and 3:30 - he decided it was time for his soccer practice. When I told Brendon about it today he said it must have been a soccer match - 45 min each way. ;-) It did make me VERY thankful for how well this little man does sleep most nights.
I chose a quick and easy 10 minute meal for dinner tonight. Beef Steak with veggies and cous cous. And this photo is quite typical of Hannah. She is not all that keen on lots of meat on her plate (but knows she has to have some) - so I always make sure she has enough carbs. As soon as she is done she checks out every one's plates for any left over fat. This child LOVES fat. I can remember loving the fat on meat when I was a child too. So obviously this is what her little body needs at the moment and she thoroughly enjoys it.

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