Friday, July 29, 2011

Clean and cook

It's been great to finally get back to the Fly Lady zones and I asked the girls today if they wanted to clean the sliding door (the lounge was the zone for this week and almost everything else was done). They were so keen to give it a go. Funny Patches was playing with the girls from outside. The girls did a really good job and even little Hannah wanted to do as much as she could. I hope we can keep this enthusiasm.
After lunch Rachel and I got started on our BIG meal prep. I had asked Brendon to get some pork mince for me to make lasagna (I have finished all my beef mince) and he came home with 3kg yesterday. So it ended up being a bit bigger than we had even anticipated (I had asked for 2kg). We ended up using 2kg of pasta, 1,5kg creamed corn, 1,5kg carrots, 2l of white sauce, 2l of tomato sauce and at least 1/2 kg of cheese.
So well over a 12kg of food in total which gave us 5 big meals and some left over pasta and mince for a few pasta and mince lunches for me. The number of frozen meals I have now is up to 28 but there is no more space. It will be nice to have these available over the next 3 months for the times when energy levels are just too low for cooking.

Thankfully Hannah had a nice long sleep this afternoon so Rachel and I could work quickly with no interruptions (Ruth did a great job of keeping herself busy too). I had to smile at her little beanie head though. Sweet thing.

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