Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old favourites

This morning I finally decided to give Rachel a hand with sorting out her cupboard. She has a chest of draws in her room now for some extra space but just does not seem to be making much progress. We accomplished so much in the time we spent and one of the big decisions Rachel needed to make was to finally give her 4 old favourites to Ruth. I made these skirts years ago (at least 5) and up until a few months ago Rachel would still wear them. They were made to be full length for her (probably when she was 5) but were eventually up by her knees. Ruth was thrilled that they fitted her. And this blue one matched the top she had on today so nicely. It made her look like such a big girl. She really is growing up. Wow.
Hannah then wanted me to take a photo of her too. Another typical shot with her in a beanie. :-) The lip is looking much better today. All the swelling is down and it is not longer sore. So I am very thankful for that.
Grandpa and Nana asked Ruth about her birthday party that is coming up soon and so that motivated Ruth to show me what her design was for her flower garden cake. Only 3 weeks to go now.
This week has been much colder - and no wonder - the snow has finally arrived. I know they have been making snow over the last couple of days on the ski fields for their "grand opening" tomorrow. Normally there is so much naturally by now. It will be interesting to see if this cold stays now and if we get snow any lower. The girls so want to try out their new sleigh.
While Hannah spent time in her room this afternoon the older girls got some painting done. The table is not big enough for all three of them. When Hannah came through though she saw that they had been busy and so I let her use up what paint was left over. She had fun mixing all the colours.
I had specifically given the girls paint to mix today as Ruth wanted brown. I also gave them strict instructions to do something DIFFERENT. So many times we get the grass, sky and flowers.
So I suggested Ruth do something from "Dr. Do Little" as Rachel had read that to her recently. She did Dr Do little on a boat and then on the right of the page she did bowls of rice getting more and more from the story "A grain of rice".
I suggested that Rachel do something about China. At first she just had no idea what to paint but I left her to it. I was so impressed with what she came up with. A Chinese New Year with a butterfly kite and fireworks. She also painted to bowls of rice with chopsticks (on the right bottom corner).
Well done girls.

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