Monday, June 6, 2011

Good job girls

Although it was a public holiday today Brendon was working in the morning. He is trying to work as many public holidays as he can because he gets an extra day off for every one he works. And with a baby coming and a SA trip early next year - he wants as many days stacked up as he can get. It was a bit of a holiday mode for us at home though. Rachel got through some "school work" in the early morning but the girls spent most of the day just playing. Eventually after dinner they realized I had suggested they try and clean upstairs (it had gotten REALLY BAD). I had not pushed the issue but when they realized Dad could not play bowels with them if it was not clean - they got working. I was so impressed with how much they got cleaned up - and so quickly too. Hannah was the star again tonight. That's her red ball - right behind the kitty. And yes, that's her second red ball to the left being chased by the kitty. Patches added some fun to the situation but was quickly removed from the playing area.

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