Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back home

Enjoyed the morning with the Campbells. Rachel and the boys played some table tennis and more Wii. Then the adults joined them for a few rounds of UNO after lunch before heading off to the airport.
Rachel was so pleased to do the whole check in on her own. The screens were all saying "go to gate" for our flight so I quickly bought her a doughnut for afternoon tea and we headed to the gate.
The first half of the journey again proved to be the most scenic.
It was really pretty seeing the coastline until we headed more directly across the sea.

We expected to be close enough to see Mount Taranaki on our way past and we were not disappointed. The cloud around this volcano made it even more pretty to look at.
Then we got a bit of a view of the South Island
and then had clouds the rest of the way. Again the Lord was good to us and allowed the clouds to be a lot thinner around Christchurch and so we got to spot a few places (like Leithfield beach) on the last stretch of the journey. We got a little bit of shopping done, had dinner at Burger Kind and arrived home just after 7 (and just before the younger girls needed to head to bed).

Rachel was so excited about looking through the food package that had arrived yesterday. What an amazing competition to win. Thank you Lord. Blessings upon blessings. Rachel and I had a wonderful weekend together and got to spend lots of time chatting. I am so thankful for that.

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