Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ruth is doing really well. We encouraged her to really take it easy today and not strain her tummy. It's amazing how much you use your tummy muscles - she is quickly learning how much. We enjoyed watching a Junior Masterchef together that I had taped earlier this week. That gave her an opportunity to have a nice cuddle with Patches. Such a sweet kitten.

She has a big waterproof bandage on so we don't have to worry about keeping it dry. She can bath as normal (just not as long as normal perhaps). They expect this to stay on for around 2 weeks. The stitches are all internal dissolving ones - so no stitches to be removed which is great. I was really pleased to see that there was not much blood this morning (only the tiniest pink tinge).
Ruth was pleased that her next Correspondence School posting had arrived when we got home yesterday.
This was the box that the puzzle came in. The perfect size for Patches to play in.
Hannah also wanted her photo taken with Patches on her lap.

One of the things Ruth chose at the $2 store (which was not $2) was a tutu. She specifically said to me at the shop "this one will fit Hannah and me". Such a kind hearted girl. She could not do any dancing this morning but she was happy for Hannah to have the first dance in it. Hannah was thrilled. Ruth's wonderful sharing of this extra special item finally had a bit of a break through with Hannah and she allowed Ruth to borrow her Barnie teddy for the night.
We wanted to make the most of the lovely sun this morning so I suggested bubbles. Ruth had bought a new bottle yesterday and so she sat playing with that for ages and I got out that long bottle I had which Rachel and Hannah took turns with. Ruth was eventually quite wet from all the drips but she had a wonderful time - especially catching the bubbles on the blower or on the top of the bottle. Meanwhile Brendon got to do some weeding and so felt better about having gotten something done in the garden today.
Rachel giving her sisters a swing. Ruth had strict instructions from me to not use her tummy muscles to get herself swinging. I really do want it to heal properly and I am having to really trust that Ruth will feel what movement are rather not made.
After lunch the girls enjoyed some special ice creams. I had told Ruth that if they hospital did not give her ice cream that I would give her one. And as these were on special at the local shop Brendon bought some this morning. A real treat as we never normally buy such fancy ones. :-)
At 2 it was room time for Hannah and I told Ruth she could watch something. She had said her tummy was a bit sore - so I gave her some paracetamol. She asked for The Sound of Music but within 5 minutes was fasts asleep. I just love the way Patches slept with her. Rachel then got to watch her choice - "Charlotte's Web". Nana had bought a cartoon version for her years ago but I got the movie out the toy library last week - so she enjoyed watching that. A nice restful day for everyone - especially Ruth. She had a little bit of paracetamol before bed but I feel the day has gone really well.

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