Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More sewing and cooking

The girls had so much fun outside this morning and after lunch. I don't know what the game was all about but it sounded like they all enjoyed it. I love how Patches follows them around when they are outside. I did not even notice her when I took the photo but she is often with them. So sweet.
Rachel got moving on her school work this morning so even with loads of outside time she still had enough time to make dinner (at her request) and get some sewing done (and the hard part - the zip). Curried chicken again - but this time enough for another 3 meals (2 more get added to the freezer). Recipe to follow.
Hannah was so sweet this afternoon. Yesterday she was a bit unhappy about having to play in her room so today I asked her if she would make me some scones. I told her what she needed to use to make them and she said "I don't have that". So I went to the kitchen and pretended to take flour at the pantry for her. When I wanted to give her some pretend eggs she said "no - I already have eggs and milk". So off she went. A little while later she came upstairs with a plate and cup "here is your scone with some tea".
Sweet child. She then went off to make some more for Ruth. After making Ruth's deliver she must have been really tired out as she then hopped on her bed and had a nap.
Brendon was out again for Bible study tonight - so after our chat with Grandpa and Nana we have our own tradition of the girls watching something. Today Hannah chose a new Vegi Tales that we got from the church library on Sunday. So they all enjoyed some quiet time together (while I got some blogging done).
I got a phone call this afternoon to ask if Ruth could come in for her umbilical hernia operation on FRIDAY. The government is even paying for some waiting list operations to be done at the private hospitals as the Christchurch hospital is not operating at it's normal potential. So we are off to St George's hospital. I could not believe that Ruth had asked just last week when she was going to have the op. The Lord heard her request and it looks like it will happen soon (I had told her it should be some time this year). Please keep her in your prayers.

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