Monday, May 23, 2011


We had a quiet day at home today. The girls played so nicely outside together that I did not even want to call Rachel in to do more work. There have been a few days of it being too wet or too cold for them to venture out and so I just let them spend loads of time outside. Rachel still got her basic school work done early - so I know she is not missing out. The time spent with her sisters is precious.
I then dropped Ruth and Hannah off at Olivia so I could do the transport for Guides this afternoon. They only get to spend about an hour visiting but when I told the girls they were so excited and Hannah immediately said "play shop". Olivia had a whole tea party set up though - so we heard all about that when we got home.

The assistant Guide leader had such a great programme worked out. She only heard this morning that she would need to run the whole meeting as the Guide leaders daughter was sick. I was so impressed. And they did a different "taps" this evening where they hold hands (crossed over) and then at the end they go under each others arms and are facing out. Rachel got motivated today to get started on some specialized badges (ones she does on her own) which will be nice. She earned all the individual badges available to Brownies - so it will be interesting to see how she gets on with the Guide ones.

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