Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even more sewing and cooking

The girls got to do a lot of sewing again today. Ruth did a great job on the buttons today (she struggled a little yesterday) and so got started on stuffing the two that were already sewn closed.
It is just so sweet watching her with Patches.

And Rachel was thrilled to have enough done to try her dress on. She is so excited. The sleeves are not simple though - so it will take quite a bit more work to get it finished.
Rachel and I are getting to work quite nicely together in the kitchen now. I did not leave her to make the babotie on her own today (although she would have liked that) because we were running out of time (with her wanting to get the extra bit done on her dress). Another reason I wanted to do a bit more supervising than normal was because I got foil dishes for extra Babotie meals too - so we did a huge batch and got three extra meals made for the freezer.
Another food item I want to mention for this week are the Brussels Sprouts Ruth and I have been enjoying. I spotted them at the fruit shop on Sunday and so Tue, Wed and Thu we have had them with dinner. Ruth just loves them (and so do I). Really yummy with a little touch of butter, a drop or two of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.

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