Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bubbles Frisbees and a Big bike

Even though Brendon worked till lunch today the girls made sure they made the most of the afternoon with him. First I got them chasing bubbles so that he could have a bit of a breather. No effort to blow these though - just had to stand down wind as it was really blowing.
Then it was Frisbee time.
Patches is always outside when the girls are. Today the wind really got into her tail and she was running around like a wild thing. She kept running up to the top of this but did not have a clue on how to get down.
Then she got interested in the Frisbee and it was like playing catch with a dog. So cute. She would ponce on the one and then Ruth would throw the next one just a bit further and she would jump across to that one.
Then she really got into it and went after this wonderful throw of Ruth. Can you see the Frisbee on the top right corner of the photo?

I managed to get a video of Patches running after the Frisbee. Not as exciting as some other throws but it gives you an idea of how windy it was today.
We decided to see if there were any apples left on that lovely tree - and there were. No leaves however and it was so windy we were happy to leave with just one extra bag picked. At least it was nice for the girls to see how much the tree has changed in just 4 weeks.
Then it was time for Ruth to have her first "lesson" with Dad on the bigger bike (the bike Rachel was riding when we came to NZ - she was 6). She is finally tall enough to fit on it and as we don't have side wheels for it she has to learn to ride without. The ideal is to actually take the pedals off for a while and let them learn to balance using it as a push bike. But as the bike has rusted a bit the pedals won't come off. So back to the old way of Dad running along. She is really excited about riding although Dad was quite exhausted by the end of it.

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