Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It was great to get Tiger interested in playing with the string this morning. Hopefully he is realizing that this tiny kitten is not a threat but could actually be a nice play mate for him. He sat patiently watching Patches chasing the string but when it got close to him he could not resist joining in. It also helped Patches almost forget about being scared of Tiger as she was so focused on the game. There is hope for these two.
Having a rest after all that playing. It looks like Patches will like sleeping in the little hammock under the cat tree. At least as long as she can fit in there.
Rachel had forgotten her new bow and arrow in Timaru and our friends kindly dropped it off at the abattoir there for the driver to bring to us. Rachel got it this weekend and it was lovely to see her teaching her sisters how to shoot.
As Brendon and I were hoping to get more work done on the cabinet this afternoon I decided to leave Rachel and Ruth at ballet. Hannah watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and we managed to get quite a bit of work done. We got all the handles on the doors (which involved cutting the screws to the correct length as well as measuring accurately and drilling perfect holes). Brendon then fetched the girls while I got dinner ready. I was a bit nervous about Ruth having to sit "on her own" through Rachel's lesson - but she had a lollipop to suck and enjoyed watching the older girls dance. When the girls got home and saw the door handles they were so impressed. They had not even seen the handles we had bought.

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