Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cake and candles

Just before it was time to cut the cake I put the jelly in the pond and put the candles on. Rachel was very pleased that both Lynn and Julia were able to come this morning to see her cake. They had both given her presents already on Wednesday but it was lovely to have them come for a visit today as well.
Kerry came a bit early to give her other children time to play. It was lovely to have a few more children here to share the cake with.
Then it was time to light the candles. The only green candles I could find were sparkly ones. Rachel got a bit nervous about the sparks and so she backed off a bit. She did manage to blow them all out though - after a number of blows.
It's been a very special year for Rachel and I am glad she will have wonderful memories from this time for years to come.
This afternoon we headed over to Brian and Julia again in the hopes of finally getting the round holes drilled for the hinges on the TV cabinet. Brendon had tried with the bigger (correct size) bit but it just ripped the wood. Brian had been practicing with the bit (as he had more equipment to hold everything tight) but when they tried on a sample piece of our wood it just did not work. The wood we have must just be too soft for this kind of bit.
We did have a lovely visit though. And a wonderful highlight for Rachel (and a perfect end to her day) was spending time feeding and patting the neighbours horse).
Brian was quite frustrated about the wood and called a friend who is a cabinet maker. He was not home though - so he left a message and told Brendon to leave the doors with him - he would get them done.
Originally when we left home I had considered staying home to sleep. I was quite tired from the early waking I got from the noisy girls upstairs. I am so glad I decided to go with though. I had a lovely time chatting with Julia. She is such a blessing.

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