Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bed shopping

This sweet kitten loves sleeping with it's head on Ruth's neck. Did I even tell you that it slept on Brendon's neck when he brought her home. :-)
Hannah wanted someone to read this book to her. So lovely to see Ruth offer. She would so love to be able to read properly. I need to start spending time with her every day as the motivation is really there.
We headed into town this morning to buy a new bed set. We had decided that for our 14th anniversary coming up in May it would be a lovely to finally upgrade to a Queen. There was an excellent special on bedroom furniture that we liked which ends tomorrow - so off we went. We were so pleased to find out that we did not need to trade in our double mattress for the $1,000 discount, but could trade in ANY mattress. So for an old single bed foam mattress we have we got 1/3 off the price of the new bed and our double bed is now available to guests. (Yes, that's a hint - come and visit.)
We got some grocery shopping done while in town (as you do when you stay 100km away) and spotted the mini donut stand. The girls were so excited to try this new treat and it was enjoyed by all. We will have to look out for them the next time we are in town.
There were lovely specials at different shops and so we got loads off our new queen electric blanket (a lovely thick and soft fleece one so we don't even need a wool underlay) as well as getting new duvet sets for the girls. We got two matching ones for the younger girls room (they are so thrilled to be in bunk beds - even Hannah who is on the bottom) and we got two matching ones for Rachel's bunk beds as well. Now we just need to replace the old foam mattress that was on the spare bed under her.

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