Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lovely fruit

We had more beef to pick up yesterday and as the family live quite close to Rangiora Brendon said he would get some shopping done before getting the meat. Rangiora is probably about 15 minutes this side of Christchurch and apparently it has been incredibly busy since the earthquake. Our local shop has been a great help but there are things you just can't get here (like pineapple and mango) and it also gets really expensive if you need to do a bigger shop.
The shops were apparently incredibly full of people but many of the shelves were empty. So I was really impressed that Brendon got almost everything on the shopping list. As well as some "extras" which were a lovely surprise. Included in those surprises was a melon. I remember growing up my Dad would often buy different melon but I don't think I have ever bought them myself. So this was a lovely treat. It was nice for the girls to get to taste it this morning. I just loved smelling it though. What a wonderful smell.
When Hannah went off for her nap after lunch we found Tiger happily sleeping on her bed. Such a funny cat.
Brendon got the grass cut today and did some other work around the house and so Ruth decided she wanted to help. She has seen Dad use a stick to take down cobwebs before - so she decided to give it a go. I gave her some sunglasses so that nothing fell into her eyes. Such a sweety.

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