Monday, March 14, 2011

Guides on Mondays

Guides for Rachel this afternoon and one of her tasks for this last week was to make a list of what we have in our emergency pack. So it was nice that there was no stress caused in Rachel with us getting this ready.
Kerry was on transport duty this week and as Hayley is not 9 1/2 yet she can't join Guides yet and so she and Kaleb stayed with us after school. It enabled Kerry to fit all the Guides in her car and so it works out nicely. The younger girls were thrilled to have visitors.
When Brendon got home he checked on his vegi garden and found this big green marrow hiding among the many leaves.
We had planned to pick them all when they were still small. So this really did get missed. Rachel will make more marrow bread with the green one tomorrow but the rest of the marrows (these and the others we still have) will go with Brendon tomorrow to be given away. So nice to have extra to be able to give away.
And I must also mention the AMAZING strawberries we are getting. They seemed to stop flowering and then recently started up again (probably from Brendon watering so diligently lately). And this new crop are lovely and big and incredibly sweet. Brendon and I both feel we have never before had strawberries as sweet as these. And they don't even have to be very red when you pick then, even at a pink they are ripe, juicy and wonderfully sweet. We will definitely make an effort to water more next year. :-)

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