Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guide Biscuits

Today Rachel and I spent many hours outside the local 4 Square selling Guide Biscuits. We had a very successful day and sold around 17 BOXES of biscuits. Around $900 worth.
There was an inter-school swim meet at our local pool this morning and when that was finished we saw Rachel's Guide leader drive past. She stuck her head out the window and shouted "good job Rachel" with a huge smile.
My friend Sarah came in to watch her daughter swim and then on her way home she picked up the little two. So they only spent a couple of hours with us in the morning. And yes, Rachel got loads of reading done in between the customers. :-)
I picked the younger girls up in time for Ruth's ballet at 4 (which is a short walk from the shop). Dad then came after work and helped with the girls while I manned the fort for the last stretch (Rachel was at her ballet from 4:45). We were only home at 6pm, so it was a long day for us all (having started before 9am).

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