Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good and bad

Bad news first. That terrible ferret managed to open the door to the hen house and killed two of our new chickens this morning. One lovely big black one (that had already started to lay) and then the 2nd small grey one (the grey one that is left is hiding behind the others in the photo). We were all so upset this morning. I don't know why we did not think to buy a ferret trap while we were in town yesterday - but we organized to get one today and set them up. Brendon has also worked out how to secure the door so that it can't be opened again other than by us. What a very frustrating animal to have around. And to think it's just living in our wood shed waiting for an opportunity.
Before it was warm enough to get busy on the TV Cabinet Brendon got stuck into the garden. The potatoes in the straw did not work as well as we had hoped. We realized that we just did not water it enough (especially when we first planted) as there were still dry sections in it. At first I was just chatting to Brendon as he worked but it's hard to not get involved and so I got my gloves and got stuck in. It did not take much to get me panting through - so Brendon insisted I take it easy. It was nice to get a bit of exercise in.
Then it was back to the cabinet. We decided to buy a second tin of varnish while in town yesterday and we are glad we did. The extra layer is making it look really nice.

Ruth was pleased to finally have something to do to really help in this project. After Brendon lightly sanded (between layers of varnish) she would clean them off.
Then this afternoon I headed off with Rachel to Guides. It was on a Thursday this week so that they could do the linking with the Brownies.

An official link from Brownies up to Guides. The Brownies (including Rachel and Grace) all had pink stripes painted on their faces. Then the Brownies sang a fair well song to the girls and they came and had blue painted over (the Guides all had blue already). Then they had a welcome song from the Guides. A lovely special day for them.
This evening Ruth have Brendon a different kind of back rub - with her feet - while she got a cuddle from Smokey. :-)

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