Friday, March 11, 2011

Electrolyte help

I finally phoned my midwife this morning to chat about the bad week I have had with my stomach. By this stage I had also looked on line and learnt about what to look out for. She also confirmed the fact that I needed to cut milk out of my diet to try and help things settle down. I had already cut out fruit (other than a nibble on an apple to help when the nausea started to return) as I knew the extra fibre would NOT be helpful this week. I managed to take the girls to Music and Movement this morning and on the way home stocked up on some Electrolyte replacements (also a suggestion from my on-line reading this morning). I am feeling very run down through from a week of not eating all that much and then not having the food stay in my stomach for very long either.
I am not really looking forward to the weekend either. For the last few weeks Brendon has been working in a different section of the farm and it's finally his turn to do the weekend work. It sounds like it will be about 6 hours of work on both Saturday and Sunday so he will only be home after lunch. I so look forward to time with him on the weekends that I am really going to miss him. He is working in the breeding section of the farm at the moment - so I know the work is important. If a sow farrows (gives birth) on the weekend you can't just do nothing.

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