Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smile - it's good for you

Thank you Rachel for the smile. It was especially needed today.
On a good note yesterday and today I have had far less morning sickness (almost nothing actually - although I still don't enjoy the though of food) but with whatever changes are happening within my body the full-day-in-bed-with-terrible-morning-sickness was replaced with even more terrible depression. It was not too bad yesterday but this morning I hit a very bad low. By lunch time I chatted to the homeopath and she said it sounded very similar to the struggles my body was having with the PMS hormonal changes and so it's very likely I just need a boost of my remedy to help me through the hormonal changes that are happening now. Thankfully she had given me a few extra doses of the med so I had them on hand. When I came through from my room (I had been "hiding" there the whole morning) to try and find something to eat for lunch (still a huge burden) Hannah saw my red eyes and came and gave me a huge hug. This was especially touching as Hannah is the least affectionate of the girls and so her love was really felt.
To help the afternoon go a bit quicker I let the girls have a picnic lunch in front of the TV so they could watch the "Barbie - nutcracker" movie that Rachel got from the library yesterday. Then Hannah and I had a nap and after Nachos for dinner (the reason Rachel had the lettuce from the garden) we watched "How to train your dragon" which had arrived in the post today. Rachel had read the book a few weeks ago and so was excited to watch the movie. Brendon had also had a busy day so it was nice for us all to just sit and veg. Unfortunately that also meant we only realized at 6:40 that we were meant to phone Brendon's parents at 6. Nana insisted we just go and finish watching so we did that and will call them tomorrow.

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