Monday, February 7, 2011

"Morning" sickness

I did not feel great this morning and I spent a bit of time lying on the couch. At one point I was going to get up but when I sat up I got a bit dizzy so I put my head down on the couch again. Hannah then sat next to me and said I must put my head on her lap. She then rubbed my back for me (and my head). What a sweet girl. Thank you for your love Hannah.
The girls really wanted to help so they did a bit of cleaning too.
Thankfully after lunch I felt much better. I was quite worried about Tiger today though as he had not shown himself at all. So after dinner I walked around the house looking for him. Brendon then offered to check where he parks his ute (which is 100m from the house) as he often spots Tiger in that area - probably a good mouse hunting area.
I was so thankful to see him walking back with them. He obviously had good hunting today. Please also note the jackets. We had rain this morning which was wonderful after yesterday's heat. And this afternoon / evening it got quite chilly out. A really nice change from the debilitating heat.
The girls art project today was making fans. They had so much fun and the results are really good.

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