Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family effort meals

Last night Brendon cut up two Beef roasts for me so that I could make the meat go a bit further. So this morning I got a big pot of soup made (using my food processor to grate all the veggies) and then after lunch Rachel diced up the veggies for a beef stew. I got that cooked up this afternoon and we had some of the stew for dinner. It was great to get 6 more meals in the freezer.
During summer I find we don't have these types of meals often so the freezer has been empty of meals. I am glad I have gotten to stock it up a bit lately. It's up to 10 already which is great. I am hoping morning sickness won't hit too bad, but it will be nice to have some meals ready just in case.
It's lovely to see Hannah copying her older sister and getting some colouring in done.
Before dinner we headed down to the pool as everyone was hot. The wind was quite strong though (and a bit chilly) so it was only the girls who got in.
I had taken my ipod with to listen to a sermon but as Brendon ended up not swimming as well I just used it to get a few photos. It has made me very thankful for my lovely camera and I won't be worrying about using the ipod for photos again.

At least the video is nice and clear on the ipod. Here is Ruth again enjoying her new togs (with a little less air blown in today). She is getting nice and strong. You can also hear how the wind is blowing.

Hannah did at least get in and the girls had some fun chasing each other in the little pool too. (No good photos of that).
Hannah looked so sweet today in her purple outfit.

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