Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby potatoes

Thankfully this morning went much better for me. I made sure I had some of my cereal as soon as I woke up and that seemed to keep the nausea at bay. We had a quiet day and just got done what needed to get done. It's been good to be getting back into the 'school' type routines again this week and Rachel and Ruth are getting through all her daily items and so that's making everyone feel the days are well spent.
Because I was feeling fine I thought I would make bangers and mash for dinner. My mind is not in full functioning mode yet though and so when I went to get potatoes I saw that there was only one left. So I asked Brendon if there was a chance there would be any ready in the garden. He cut one of the strings on the bail of straw and got these potatoes out for me. We can see now that we have not wet the bail enough - it's been so very hot over the last two month. But it was lovely to have these potatoes - just like this - from the garden. No mud to wash off - just a couple of pieces of straw. Rachel thought they looked so good she convinced me to rather have them as baked potatoes (I would not have wanted to peal those tiny ones anyway) and they were really delicious. We will definitely do the straw thing again next year and just make sure we water a lot more.

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