Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life school

Rachel was thrilled this morning when I asked her if she wanted to make milktart before she left for her Holiday Art School. She just used the quick crustless recipe but was so excited to get some baking in. Her days are really full only getting home after 3:30. It has made her very thankful for all the time she has during the week because of having school at home. Time to do special things (for her) like baking, sewing and music practice (which she does not have the energy for after a long day out).
Just yesterday Ruth asked me where the shops get the food from. So we had a nice long chat about it all. This morning as we stopped outside the local 4 square for Rachel's lift pick up we spotted a food van arriving to deliver food to the 4 square. It was a cold storage truck too - so that added a bit to our discussion. The girls were thrilled to have the timing work out so wonderfully. Thank you Lord.
This morning Ruth and Hannah found a new game to play. The pegs from the peg board became food as they sorted them into different colours. Hannah has a plate of green olives. :-)
This afternoon our windscreen got fixed. The girls were eager to watch the whole process.
It did not take them long to get their chairs so they could sit and watch.
Finally the old one coming off.
What a blessing to have the insurance cover this completely - with no excess payable and no effect on our no-claim-discount. Apparently it's quite common at this time of year when you have terribly hot days. What starts with a tiny chip (ours was in the bottom black section - so I did not notice it) just spreads to a huge crack as the windscreen just gets so hot. So it's not only the girls who are learning. :-)

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