Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Picking raspberries and other fun

Enjoying their bikes.
Off to pick raspberries before the birds get them.
Nice to finally see how that lovely hole is formed.
The veggie garden is looking good (except for the weeds next to the fence where there were no boxes put down).
We just need to get covers over the strawberries and raspberries if we want to get them before the birds.
I had to laugh when I saw the girls
had buried the ferret.
They have spent hours and hours and hours in the sandpit this week.
Normally it's Smokey in Ruth's arms. It was
nice to see Tiger being so accommodating.
Hannah actually had a nap today and kept her nappy dry.
Clever girl. She was so excited to put another 10c in her box.
We have finally moved the climbing frame into the shade next to the sandpit. I think it will get a lot more use through summer in this spot. It's quite a job putting the pegs into the ground which hold it firmly in place. But it also helped us to understand how it manages to stay put when we get those terribly strong winds.

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