Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dress, dance and doc

It's always fun to see how much the girls enjoy dressing the same. Today it was their matching bonnets with ponchos.
Ruth asked me to take a photo of Tiger sleeping in the plant box. The straw obviously makes a nice comfy bed.

The correspondence school closes at the end of this week so we are going to keep the current lone items till January. The girls will enjoy having this DVD through the holidays. They have so much fun dancing along.
This afternoon I got to see a homeopath about the terrible PMS I have been having over the last few months. Actually - it could be PMD (pre-menstrual depression). It seems to just be getting worse every month even though I try to keep up with supplements and healthy food choices. I read an abridged version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde which Rachel had out of the library a while back and I honestly feel as though a Mr Hyde takes over for a few days every month. I do pray that the Lord would guide her as she thinks about what could help me and that the Lord would allow the medication to really help my body cope better.

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