Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Buckland Salon

Hannah was very excited about making Christmas presents for her sisters today. She had fun making the presents as well as choosing paper and a sticker too. I think she will be very excited about giving her presents out next Saturday. At first she wanted to give them out straight away. :-) I read about a family who has the tradition of having a pile of presents next to each person of presents that they are giving. The excitement on the day is about giving the gifts - not getting them. So hopefully with the girls making gifts for each other it will help that "giving" side of things be a little more important. After all - it is God's wonderful gift of Jesus Christ that we are remembering.
I have been putting it off but finally got started on combing Ruth's hair out. A number of the big twists had undone themselves (I had made them too big) and so I could not put it off any longer. We had put off the whole idea of doing her hair because she normally has her dummy when we do hair. But since she stopped using her dummy 2 months ago we were not sure how it would go. She ended up using her blanket for some of the time. But after her break she did not even hold that.
And let me give you an update on her teeth. The photo on the left was taken on 20 October. She is closing her mouth as much as she can. The photo on the right was taken on 10 December and the teeth are almost touching. I am so thankful for the improvement that we have already been able to see. So "no - sorry my girl - you can't have your dummy". 
The girls went outside to give Ruth a break from the hair (and my back a break) and I noticed that Rachel had rigged up a swing for them. She had noticed chains around the tree branch and so just attached the rope to there. What a great big sister.
Then it was back to the hair. Unfortunately we only finished after 8pm so Ruth was feeling a little tired. It's only combed out now - I still have to put a new "style" in within the next week or two.
I wanted to put something different on for them to watch and so had found The Wizard of Oz in the cupboard (another gift from Nana that has not been watched in a very long time). Unfortunately with Ruth being tired she got terribly upset at the end when the Wizard of Oz went off in the hot air balloon and Dorothy was not with him. I kept telling her that it would be ok, that it was just a dream and that she would get "back home". Even though Dorothy tapped her shoes and woke up at home, happy to see everyone, my poor little Ruth was quite upset. The tears just kept coming. We have seen before that she is very sensitive to movies and so I was reminded to be very careful of what she watches. It reminds me of the first time she watched Mary Poppins. She was terribly sad when Mary Poppins left at the end. Thankfully we could explain to her how the children were happy because they where with their mother and father. She enjoys it now - but I do remember how upset she got the first time. So perhaps the Wizard of Oz will be enjoyed at another time - when she already knows how it ends.

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