Saturday, November 6, 2010

Waiau Fireworks display

Ruth looked tiny on this massive Jumping Castle.
Gates opened at 5pm and we left home at 4:30 with it pouring with rain. By 5pm it was still raining and just as we got to Waiau (perhaps around 5:30) it was just drizzling slightly and then stopped. Slowly the clouds cleared and we had this lovely patch of blue sky above Waiau. Thank you Lord for a lovely evening. Unfortunately the Brownie leader was told that if it was still raining at 2pm it would be cancelled, so they did not bring the Brownies along. Rachel was pleased to see the videos I took though and is very excited about us hopefully going again next year.
Ruth did so well. Not only with such a high climb
but by not being afraid of trying.
The reward for a high climb -
a lovely high slide.

Ruth was just too short to push her herself through the
"squeeze". The other girls were always willing to
give her a hand though (literally).

Eventually she had the
courage to go on her
tummy like the others.

Thankfully there was a jumping castle
for the little ones too.

She had a great time. It was nice that we were early as
they are normally only given 5 or 10 minutes. Our girls
must have had close to half an hour on.

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